Who am I?

A lost boy in this racing world. I’m a kid who couldn’t figure out where he is going or where he is supposed to go or what he is supposed to do.  A son, a brother, a friend. Fluctuating between ‘I know everything-I know nothing’. I’m just another guy who had a heartbreak and made all the possible stupid mistakes!  Fan of rock ‘n’ roll music, superhero movies and cartoons just like a lot of you guys do! A sad engineer.

I’m a photographer, a traveller.

Wandering through diverse phases of life, some heart-warming and some bewildering. The funny part is, I started to embrace what I used to hate about my life. We get lost just to find ourselves better. Like John Green quoted “Pain demands to be felt.”, it indeed does.

A bit tough on the outside and tender inside.

I exist. I live. I capture.

click here to know more about me and my work

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